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What to Wear for School Photos - 6 Quick Tips

Deciding what to dress your child in for Photo Day can be more stressful than you expected. From colors to sizes to shoes, the task can quickly become frustrating. With that in mind, I've put together 6 quick tips to help you prepare for your child's next Photo Day.

1. Don't Distract There are several clothing choices that'll take the focus off of your child's adorable face and onto their clothes. For portraits, you want to avoid this because the story is about them, not their clothes! Several things can cause this distraction, like neon colors, busy patterns, and cartoons or words on clothing. Try to avoid these things when dressing your child for photo day.

2. Get out the Iron If you're like me, you have no idea where your iron is or when you used it last. For Photo Day, however, you need to track it down and put it to use! Even if your child's clothes are brand new and straight from the store, there's a good chance that you'll need an iron because new clothes often have fold lines or hangar imprints. If you've washed the clothes already, they're often wrinkled, especially when they're made of "fancier" fabrics, like linen or 100% cotton.

3. Keep it Comfy & Practical I know how adorable that bowtie and suspenders are on the hanger. In practice, however, they're much harder to make work in photos, especially when your child is moving around a lot. Things like that often make your child uncomfortable, and they also don't typically stay in place. I recommend that you have your child try on all the potential outfits and let them move around for a while to see how the clothes move and feel.

4. Skirt & Dress Considerations If your child will be wearing a skirt or dress, please make sure they've got pants, shorts, or a diaper cover on underneath. Your child will likely be moving and playing during photos, and that extra layer can be important.

5. Choose the Smaller Size If your child is in that dreaded in-between phase where the 4T is too small but the 5T is too big, I recommend that you choose the smaller size. Baggy clothes can bunch up and look a little messy in photos. The same advice goes for shoes: choose the smaller size. It's pretty frustrating when we're trying to take photos, but we have to keep stopping to put shoes back on. :)

6. Keep the Weather in Mind If you're dying to put your daughter in a sleeveless spring dress, make sure you check the weather forecast and adjust accordingly. We take our photos outdoors in the mornings, and those Spring/Fall mornings can be pretty crisp. Adding a cardigan or jean jacket to that sleeveless dress may be a great compromise and also add some extra texture.


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