What It Is:

#LoveYourPhotos is a campaign I've created to help WOMEN get a photo of themselves that they love and to help change the way they see themselves for the better. Whether the photos will be used for business headshots or just personal use is totally up to you! 

Upcoming Dates: 
Wednesday, May 13th:  6:45-7:45pm
Tuesday, June 9th:  7:00-8:00pm

I'll break these down into 30-minute time slots, and each slot will include 3 women.


Pioneers Park, Lincoln


All I ask is that you take one of your photos, SHARE it on social media and TAG Genesis Photography and #LoveYourPhotos

You'll get to pick 2 photos from the session to have all for yourself. :)


How to Enter:
Fill out the form below, marking your available times. 
I can't guarantee a spot for everyone. Availability will be based on the number of women who enter.

Select ALL dates and times that would work for you:
I understand that Genesis Photography may use videos or photos from these events for promotional purposes.

Cortland, NEBRASKA 68331